The Lab

We lovingly call it “The Lab.” It’s more than a service area at a dealership. This is where the magic happens. We keep your new ride running smoothly and we bring old friends back to life.  The Lab is methodical, organized, efficient, and passionate.

When you want it done right, bring it to us. We’ll have our Lab Technicians work on your baby to keep it running like it should.


Routine Maintenance

  • Oil and Filter changes.
  • Chain and Sprockets.
  • Drive chain adjustment.
  • Air Filters.
  • Final Drive oil change.
  • V-Twin Service
    • Primary Chain Case Oil change.
    • Transmission Oil Change.
    • Engine Oil Change.
  • Tire Changes.
  • Coolant Flushes.
  • Brake System Flushes.
  • General Inspections.Lore

Suspension Service

  • Fork and Shock Service and oil change.
  • Fork and Shock Seal Change.
  • Fork and Shock Revalving and personalized set up.
  • Shock Spring Replacement.

Vintage Bike Restoration

  • Full Restoration of Vintage Street Bikes, off Road and ATV.
  • Powder Coating.
  • Welding.
  • Specialty Parts Fabrication.
  • Harness Rewiring.

Electrical & Fuel Injection Systems

  • Precise Electrical Troubleshooting.
  • Fuel Injection Troubleshooting and Repair.
  • Electrical Accesories Installation.
  • Light Kits and Alarm Systems.

Off Road Race Prep

  • Suspension Set Up.
  • Grip, Handlebars and Levers set up.
  • Carburetor/ Fuel Map Tuning.
  • Tires, Spokes, Chain Set Up.
  • Air Box/Air Filter.
  • Cables/Levers Set up.
  • Rekluse Clutch Install/Set Up.
  • Silencer RePacking.
  • Nuts/Bolts/Fasteners Inspection.
  • Race Fuel Supply.​